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[std-proposals] (Floating Idea) <intdiv> header for integer divisions

[std-proposals] [Proposal] Identifiers For Pattern Matching

[std-proposals] [Proposal] switch for Pattern Matching

[std-proposals] Add an interface to std::fstream::open to open unnamed file wb+

[std-proposals] Add trait to get the type of a member function

[std-proposals] bool type_info::operator<(type_info const &)

[std-proposals] Concept of Libraries in C and C++

[std-proposals] D2854 Proposal of std::filesystem::program_path() LIVE LINK

[std-proposals] Ensuring safety of longjmp with [[trivial_dtors]]

[std-proposals] explicit this

[std-proposals] Function Pointer from Lambda with Captures

[std-proposals] Fwd: set_new_handler extension

[std-proposals] Grouped-namespace "using" statements (floating the idea)

[std-proposals] Implementability of P1478: Byte-wise atomic memcpy on x86_64

[std-proposals] Integers are all two's complement, so now overflow is predictable

[std-proposals] Interest in Linear Algebra functionality

[std-proposals] Interest in Linear Algebra functionally

[std-proposals] interlibrary Vs intralibrary

[std-proposals] Introduction of std::is_uniqued()

[std-proposals] Introduction of value_equal

[std-proposals] Introduction of value_equal to std::unordered_map / std::unordered_multimap

[std-proposals] Lambda type not isolated within function

[std-proposals] Language Customization Mechanism

[std-proposals] long return lambda

[std-proposals] Monitor recursion by checking the frame pointer

[std-proposals] Named argument

[std-proposals] Obtaining the low-level clock used by std::chrono::steady_clock

[std-proposals] P2809R0 Infinite loops

[std-proposals] Proposal (Floating Idea): Make prefix for members of standard structs that will never be used

[std-proposals] Proposal to allow multiple template parameter packs for class templates provided they can be deduced using CTAD

[std-proposals] Reduce undefined behavior of signed integer literal arithmetic operations

[std-proposals] Regarding P2826 Replacement function

[std-proposals] Remove integer promotions (was: Reduce undefined behavior of signed integer literal arithmetic operations)

[std-proposals] SIMD by just operating on 2 arrays

[std-proposals] std::how_many_constructors_after

[std-proposals] std::thread::first_ever

[std-proposals] this return type

[std-proposals] uint_nopro_fast32_t : Types in <cstdint> that don't promote

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