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Re: [std-proposals] explicit this

From: Frederick Virchanza Gotham <cauldwell.thomas_at_[hidden]>
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2023 21:09:14 +0100
On Mon, Apr 3, 2023 at 1:05 PM Andrew Tomazos via Std-Proposals
<std-proposals_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> While, granted, conventionally you could always call it `self`, it's still not as good as using the long-standing and familiar syntax of `this->`.

I realise that 'this' is a keyword, but nonetheless it would be nice
if they allowed the following:

void SomeClass::SomeMemberFunc(this SomeClass &self)
    SomeClass *const this = &self;

Am I too late to ask for this to be added to the 'explicit this' proposal?

Received on 2023-04-03 20:09:26