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Re: [std-proposals] Fwd: set_new_handler extension

From: Phil Bouchard <boost_at_[hidden]>
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2023 18:03:28 -0400
On 4/9/23 16:43, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On Sunday, 9 April 2023 15:57:38 -03 Phil Bouchard wrote:
>> Well a demo license is as free as anything Open Source.
> Free as in beer. Not free as in speech and I need the latter. If you impose
> any conditions on what I may do with the information I learn by looking at it,
> then I can't look at it. It's simple bureaucracy: unless it's one of the OSI-
> approved licences, I can't accept it on behalf of my employer.

An unlimited license with free upgrades would be sufficient? You just
won't be able to instantiate multiple instances of the compiler on
multiple cores.

But you can look at the intermediate generated files and you'll see what
it does in the background.

But I just can't depatent the public headers:

If the latter still causes problems then maybe somebody else within the
same department can look at it.

>> It is thread safe because it is thread-local. So it depends on the use
>> case but if you only need threads-local FIFO containers then you can
>> easily make use of it.
> The standard Linux malloc() is also thread-local (for the most part) during
> allocation. If you're getting a 3.6x performance over it, then one of the
> following must be true:
> a) you've come across an extremely important improvement that others haven't
> seen
> b) you've hyper-optimised for one or a few use-cases, to the detriment of the
> majority

So far it looks like b).

> c) you've missed something really important that has caused the others to
> require a much larger overhead.
> If it is (a), it will require a full paper explaining just what that is (with
> whichever protections you may want for your IP). If it is (b), it deserves a
> paper explaining when it should be used and when it shouldn't. And if it is
> (c), you need to know about it and fix it.

Ok I'll fix the missing deallocation function, try it out on Windows and
come back here then.


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