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[std-proposals] Add trait to get the type of a member function

From: Anoop Rana <ranaanoop986_at_[hidden]>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2023 17:06:16 +0530
Since the type of a non-static member function is an ordinary function type
and since we can't use *decltype *on a non-static member function to get
its type, I propose that we should add a trait to get back the type of a
non-static member function.

The following is the first draft(crude) example of what I am suggesting.
Also this topic of getting back the type of a non-static member function
seems to be a fairly common question on sites like stackoverflow and
looking at those question I notice that almost all of them tries to
use *decltype
*first to solve this problem but then came to realise that, using *decltype
*for like this is not allowed. So this trait *might provide a standard way*
of getting back the "ordinary function type" associated with the non-static
member function.

struct C{ void Func(std::string, int) const; void
Bar(int);};template<typename T, typename Ret, typename... Args>struct
GetType{ using type = Ret(Args...); GetType(Ret (T::*)(Args...)
const) { } GetType(Ret (T::*)(Args...) ) { }};int
main(){ using ret1 = decltype(GetType(&C::Func))::type; //
void(std::string, int) as expected using ret2 =
decltype(GetType(&C::Bar))::type; //void(int) as
expected }



Note that I usually use CTAD for this kind of problem as it reduces writing
some extra code. Also this is just a demo to show the overall idea of what
I am proposing. I realise that in order for this to work with potentially
all non-static member functions(with any type), we might have to modify it
as needed.

Anoop Rana
M.Sc Applied Physics

Received on 2023-04-28 11:36:29