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[std-proposals] long return lambda

From: Phil Endecott <std_proposals_list_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2023 17:24:11 +0100
Frederick Virchanza Gotham wrote:
> So I thinking, what if we had a 'long return lamda'? The return
> statement from a 'long return lambda' is treated as a return statement
> from the enclosing function.

This is similar to the desire to be able to break, continue or return
from within a loop that takes a lambda.

For example, say I want to iterate over the edges of a polygon:

Polygon p = ....;
for (auto e: edges(p)) {
  // In here I can use break and continue, and return
  // will return from the function.

But what is edges(p) there? Maybe it is a generator coroutine;
maybe it is a function that returns a lazy range. It's probably
simpler to write a foreach function that takes a lambda, like this:

foreach_edge(p, [&](auto e) {
  // In here, I can't use break or continue, and return
  // just returns from the lambda.

(The different behaviour of return is perhaps dangerous, i.e. one
might write "return" imagining a return from the function, and not
get a warning or error.)

There have been suggestions that break and continue should be
extended to support nested loops:

outer: for (auto a: A) {
  inner: for (auto b: B) {
    if (....) continue outer;

Generally the response to these suggestions have been "just use
goto". So how about this:

foreach_edge(p, [&](auto e) {
  if (....) goto break_outer;
break_outer: ....

Similarly, in Frederick's example, "just use goto":

bool Serial(char *const p) {
  auto BAIL = [p](void)->void {
    strcpy(p, "0000000000000000");
    goto Serial_return;


  Serial_return: ...

Currently goto can't exit a lambda. Though of course exceptions can
do that.

So here is my suggestion: make it possible to exit lambdas with goto,
with the same/similar semantics to throwing and catching an exception.

Can that be implemented with lower overhead than actually using an

Regards, Phil.

Received on 2023-04-11 16:24:13