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Arrays (VLAs) as function parameters (as in C99)

Comments for P0205 and P2060: Mersenne twister can actually generate 7 and 13

Do we need a way to take *this by value, for coroutines?

Explicit alias template specialization

is_complete type trait?

Labeled `break` and `continue` (usable in `constexpr`)

not_implemented exception

Pointers to VLAs as in C99 - (was: Arrays (VLAs) as function parameters (as in C99))

Proposal for Explicit Index Types

Public member lambdas ( auto-type and designated arguments )

std::is_constexpr_constructible (/ std::is_constexpr)


Video Intro to WG21/D2288 C++ Designated Arguments

Last message date: 2021-11-29 01:10:53