Concurrent containers2023-08-03 19:47:58Phil Bouchardlink
Coroutines: Add explicit initialization by "co_init" operator2023-08-09 15:05:53Stefan Sichlerlink
Header Units Problem and Possible Fixes In HMake2023-08-01 03:51:28Hassan Sajjadlink
Return Value Optimisation whenever you need it (guaranteed elision)2023-08-11 13:02:00Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Revision 1 of scoped enum enhancements (Answer to Sebastian Wittmeier)2023-08-09 15:01:24Alexander Christensenlink
std::type_info::size()2023-08-01 20:52:03Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Where standard library for working with packs?2023-08-12 11:18:17Nikl Kelbonlink
"shared libraries are outside the scope of the C++ standard"2023-07-12 14:34:05Ofek Shilonlink
[External Email] Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 52, Issue 172023-07-06 03:23:51unlvsur unlvsurlink
[Forward: std-proposals] Proposal for `std::fiber<T>` Language-Level Extension in C++232023-07-07 08:17:131one1link
A Standardized Package Descriptor Table for C++2023-07-07 20:03:231one1link
Add std::shift_left and std::shift_right as function objects2023-07-28 03:16:01Leon Lenklink
Allow automatically deduced return type for explicitly defaulted move- and copy-assignment operators2023-07-13 10:04:36Matthew Taylorlink
Appending a string to itself2023-07-21 16:58:38Jerry Coffinlink
C++23.Standards.Committee.Propasal.For.Validated.Types.h2023-07-06 04:45:361one1link
Efficient and silent bounds checking with silent_at()2023-07-05 23:38:13trtaab trtaablink
Forced stopping of RAII compliant execution threads.2023-07-14 13:43:50Юрий Петренкоlink
Forced stopping of RAII compliant execution threads. Destructors.2023-07-15 15:13:39Yuri Petrenkolink
Forced stopping of RAII compliant execution threads. Do you have a working implementation?2023-07-14 16:51:40Yuri Petrenkolink
Forced stopping of RAII compliant execution threads. POSIX threads.2023-07-15 13:27:04Yuri Petrenkolink
Functions that don't need parentheses to make a call2023-07-24 22:31:18Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Fwd: std::enum_max and std::enum_min2023-07-10 09:25:35Alejandro Colomarlink
Impact of defaulted ctor on value initialization2023-07-11 09:45:00Ofek Shilonlink
Is that a compiler bug or unspecified behavior?2023-07-06 16:01:39hjj klink
Issues submiting a proposal2023-07-03 17:11:41Михаил Найденовlink
Literal representing for chrono::days/weeks/months/years2023-07-21 05:10:38Kang Hewilllink
Mandate layout of std::array2023-07-01 00:34:21Brian Bilink
Member apply2023-07-03 15:15:01Kang Hewilllink
New function attribute [[nodiscard_scope]]2023-07-01 04:14:57Thiago Macieiralink
Prevent re-entry but re-queue the event2023-07-11 11:00:22Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Proposal for 'std::fiber<T>' Language-level Extension in C++232023-07-07 13:49:411one1link
Proposal for `std::fiber<T>` Language-Level Extension in C++232023-07-07 07:05:201one1link
Proposal for an Extended Memory Management (EMM) Library for the C++Standard2023-07-07 18:03:071one1link
Proposal for including std::reduction_map and std::reduction_multimap in the C++23 Standard2023-07-09 06:36:16Jonathan Wakelylink
Proposal for Uniform Forward And Move2023-07-05 21:12:46Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Proposal to introduce a Hardware Security Namespace to the C++ Standard Library.2023-07-07 17:09:121one1link
Request for a Standard LaTeX Template for Proposals2023-07-06 00:29:30trtaab trtaablink
Require diagnostic for array to bool conversion2023-07-22 08:39:45sasho648link
Return Value Optimisation whenever you need it (guaranteed elision)2023-07-15 23:58:03Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Revision 1 of scoped enum enhancements2023-07-30 16:27:51Alexander Christensenlink
span<incomplete_type>2023-07-06 06:50:18Andrey Davydovlink
Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 52, Issue 142023-07-06 02:41:46trtaab trtaablink
Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 52, Issue 152023-07-06 02:46:23trtaab trtaablink
Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 52, Issue 192023-07-06 04:12:00trtaab trtaablink
Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 52, Issue 572023-07-16 02:39:57trtaab trtaablink
std::contains_mutable2023-07-01 15:23:31Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
std::dummy_prvalue -- Kind of, sort of, like a std::declval that you can evaluate2023-07-15 13:03:04Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
std::enum_max and std::enum_min2023-07-10 07:15:04Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
std::jthread - Invoke member function pointer with stop_token2023-07-09 16:03:19Kilian Hennebergerlink
std::type_info::size()2023-07-31 13:34:58Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Template Type Resolution -- Special Rules for std::function2023-07-18 11:09:15Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Use optional<T> as though it were T2023-07-04 07:10:37Harald Achitzlink
[WIP Draft Proposal] Support for compiling libraries + linkage in the C++ Language2023-06-22 01:00:38Julian Waterslink
Access specifier for C++ Namespaces2023-06-18 19:41:35Smith, Jimlink
Add operator>> overloads to std::optional for streaming input2023-06-24 22:37:52Kevin Schmidtlink
copy constructor of std::vector2023-06-13 08:34:46Federico Kircheislink
DR - std::visit non-intuitive behavior + new semantic for C-style variadic functions + pattern matching but better2023-06-03 11:09:17Nikl Kelbonlink
Dummy names for dummy objects2023-06-10 14:27:28Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
explicit modifier for R-value references2023-06-19 09:32:09Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Extend object's lifetime beyond closing curly brace2023-06-17 22:58:35Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Extension methods take 22023-06-01 14:44:51Михаил Найденовlink
Force compilers to warn about double moves2023-06-22 13:30:05Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Fwd: set_new_handler extension2023-06-01 00:08:35Thiago Macieiralink
Fwd: Use optional<T> as though it were T2023-06-25 13:42:02Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Helper class to make safe a thread-unsafe class2023-06-28 22:37:30Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Make std::thread not joinable after thread function ends.2023-06-18 20:25:51Smith, Jimlink
New function attribute [[nodiscard_scope]]2023-06-29 14:46:29Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
New semantic for ...: solution for make functions, partial CTAD, is_specialization, unnamed variables, structured binding etc etc2023-06-18 09:45:05Nikl Kelbonlink
Pointer to member of member2023-06-13 11:10:45Adrian Halllink
Pre-Draft Proposal for elaborate extension points2023-06-11 11:51:55Михаил Найденовlink
Proposal for Uniform Forward And Move2023-06-21 16:24:39Михаил Найденовlink
Proving semantic requirements on compilation2023-06-20 10:04:55Nikl Kelbonlink
std::argc std::argv (available to global constructors)2023-06-13 11:02:41Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
std::atomic<bool> trivial constructor/destructor dropped in C++17 spec wording2023-06-16 21:28:20Jeremy Hurwitzlink
Structured bindings for std::extents2023-06-02 00:50:35Daisy Hollmanlink
Use optional<T> as though it were T2023-06-25 11:53:06Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
"once" keyword2023-05-24 12:57:55LUCE Jean-Sébastienlink
"once" keyword - RAII2023-05-24 18:27:57Robin Rowelink
#include <call_stack>2023-05-31 07:20:13Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
[Draft Proposal] Required attribute syntax2023-05-04 07:47:38Lauri Vasamalink
[Resurrected Proposal] Concept introduces a typename2023-05-01 11:45:45Михаил Найденовlink
^^operator [was: Re: New draft proposal: Add "%s" (two-digit truncated-integer seconds) as a std::format conversion specifier for std::chrono time types.]2023-05-04 07:35:39Sebastian Wittmeierlink
Allow comma at the end of a list of objects in a declaration or definition2023-05-07 16:44:34Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Alteration of elements in a set (non-const iterator)2023-05-21 21:09:30Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
C99 inline and statics (was: Drop same sequence of tokens for inline)2023-05-05 19:24:20Alejandro Colomarlink
Chaining of the -> operator for std::optional< std::list<T>::iterator >2023-05-25 10:11:30Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
D2879R0 Proposal of Pythonesque std::print extensions LIVE LINK2023-05-11 05:23:23Andrew Tomazoslink
DR: concepts std::strict_weak_ordering / std::equivalence_relation must be resticted by semantic requirements2023-05-06 14:12:41Nikl Kelbonlink
Drop same sequence of tokens for inline2023-05-04 17:11:50sasho648link
enable very strict use of 'virtual', 'override', etc.2023-05-02 14:21:05Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
escaping nested scopes : __escape2023-05-01 13:53:44Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Fwd: Chaining of the -> operator for std::optional< std::list<T>::iterator >2023-05-25 13:32:23Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Fwd: Drop same sequence of tokens for inline2023-05-04 18:19:48sasho648link
Fwd: set_new_handler extension2023-05-25 19:17:05Phil Bouchardlink
goto is not harmful (was: "once" keyword)2023-05-24 13:02:56Alejandro Colomarlink
Grouped-namespace "using" statements (floating the idea)2023-05-04 15:15:12Barry Revzinlink
Idea of try_throw (Conditional Throw Statement)?2023-05-29 02:16:16Andrew Tomazoslink
implement C++ : interface2023-05-02 12:23:15Chen Zhigelink
Lock-free atomic operations that use a different-sized type from the object or subobject2023-05-26 14:01:18John Plattslink
Mark co_routine with [[co_clean]] for premature destruction of generator2023-05-19 18:04:08Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Mutable Proposal: New Format Conversion Specifiers for Clocks2023-05-21 22:30:02Simon Hilllink
network-to-host, host-to-network2023-05-15 09:30:55Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
New draft proposal: Add "%s" (two-digit truncated-integer seconds) as a std::format conversion specifier for std::chrono time types.2023-05-03 10:02:04Simon Hilllink
Proposal to allow multiple template parameter packs for class templates provided they can be deduced using CTAD2023-05-01 12:14:55Tony V Elink
Question regarding auto as template argument2023-05-21 08:14:48Михаил Найденовlink
Question regarding move-only objects improvements2023-05-19 08:43:49Михаил Найденовlink
Revisiting Class Template Specialization case in P22792023-05-08 16:40:44Михаил Найденовlink
statement expressions (was: "once" keyword)2023-05-24 16:30:12Alejandro Colomarlink
std::terminate_compilation2023-05-19 10:17:18Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Structured bindings for std::extents2023-05-08 19:09:10Bernhard Manfred Gruberlink
Why [expr.ref] says that E1->E2 is converted to (*(E1)).E22023-05-09 12:10:35Sean Mayardlink
(Floating Idea) <intdiv> header for integer divisions2023-04-07 09:34:10Jan Schultkelink
[Proposal] Identifiers For Pattern Matching2023-04-17 15:51:43Михаил Найденовlink
[Proposal] switch for Pattern Matching2023-04-24 19:09:10Михаил Найденовlink
Add an interface to std::fstream::open to open unnamed file wb+2023-04-25 16:47:02Louis Langholtzlink
Add trait to get the type of a member function2023-04-28 11:36:16Anoop Ranalink
bool type_info::operator<(type_info const &)2023-04-01 16:15:06Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Concept of Libraries in C and C++2023-04-02 14:52:01Julian Waterslink
D2854 Proposal of std::filesystem::program_path() LIVE LINK2023-04-27 13:18:21Andrew Tomazoslink
Ensuring safety of longjmp with [[trivial_dtors]]2023-04-14 08:07:14Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
explicit this2023-04-03 08:32:15Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Function Pointer from Lambda with Captures2023-04-14 13:18:47Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Fwd: set_new_handler extension2023-04-02 07:48:29Phil Bouchardlink
Grouped-namespace "using" statements (floating the idea)2023-04-24 14:51:47John Filleaulink
Implementability of P1478: Byte-wise atomic memcpy on x86_642023-04-06 15:10:32Andylink
Integers are all two's complement, so now overflow is predictable2023-04-07 11:21:42Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Interest in Linear Algebra functionality2023-04-16 23:44:31Richard W Hornbucklelink
Interest in Linear Algebra functionally2023-04-19 22:01:23LoSlink
interlibrary Vs intralibrary2023-04-19 22:38:25Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Introduction of std::is_uniqued()2023-04-14 15:01:51LoSlink
Introduction of value_equal2023-04-01 16:24:06LoSlink
Introduction of value_equal to std::unordered_map / std::unordered_multimap2023-04-10 15:59:17LoSlink
Lambda type not isolated within function2023-04-20 11:09:05Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Language Customization Mechanism2023-04-07 11:14:48Chen Zhigelink
long return lambda2023-04-11 13:16:54Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Monitor recursion by checking the frame pointer2023-04-17 11:09:25Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Named argument2023-04-05 07:03:47bmon Dorlink
Obtaining the low-level clock used by std::chrono::steady_clock2023-04-20 00:20:51Thiago Macieiralink
P2809R0 Infinite loops2023-04-04 15:58:55Marcin Jaczewskilink
Proposal (Floating Idea): Make prefix for members of standard structs that will never be used2023-04-03 20:35:02Noah Goldsteinlink
Proposal to allow multiple template parameter packs for class templates provided they can be deduced using CTAD2023-04-29 04:43:43Anoop Ranalink
Reduce undefined behavior of signed integer literal arithmetic operations2023-04-27 19:35:00萧 叶轩link
Regarding P2826 Replacement function2023-04-23 08:47:04Михаил Найденовlink
Remove integer promotions (was: Reduce undefined behavior of signed integer literal arithmetic operations)2023-04-28 12:08:09Alejandro Colomarlink
SIMD by just operating on 2 arrays2023-04-12 14:30:04samuel ammoniuslink
std::how_many_constructors_after2023-04-30 11:24:16Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
std::thread::first_ever2023-04-30 10:37:48Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
this return type2023-04-07 17:14:29Jan Schultkelink
uint_nopro_fast32_t : Types in <cstdint> that don't promote2023-04-01 16:00:40Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
[Proposal] Identifiers For Pattern Matching2023-03-12 09:48:29Михаил Найденовlink
A proposal on default enum initialization2023-03-24 14:32:30Aleksej.Penkov_at_[hidden]link
A standard way to redirect all standard output2023-03-13 15:55:44Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Allowing `using namespace` in class definition2023-03-13 12:00:13Andrey Semashevlink
Array Index in Range-based For Loops2023-03-01 08:49:58Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
bikeshedding lazy_counted_iterator name from p2406r52023-03-01 20:54:33Marcin Jaczewskilink
Fwd: set_new_handler extension2023-03-27 07:17:41Phil Bouchardlink
Fwd: Type-safe printf and auto2023-03-12 21:57:16Alejandro Colomarlink
Get base class from std::any2023-03-26 17:29:51Phil Endecottlink
Introduction of std::is_instance type trait2023-03-15 12:23:08LoSlink
Making contiguous objects2023-03-12 15:02:13Breno Guimarãeslink
Missing overloaded constructors for std::initializer_list in some container adapters2023-03-11 12:34:30LoSlink
Slow bulky integer types (128-bit)2023-03-28 21:35:49Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Structured bindings for std::extents2023-03-20 22:18:54Bernhard Manfred Gruberlink
Type-safe printf and auto2023-03-12 16:38:02Robin Rowelink
uint_nopro_fast32_t : Types in <cstdint> that don't promote2023-03-31 11:47:31Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
wg21 threadpool?2023-03-14 12:01:53phoenix fire wingzlink
Allow downcasting at compile time if Derived has no extra member objects2023-02-23 00:52:17Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Base class reflection2023-02-01 00:53:59Jason McKessonlink
Conditional copy ctor for std::map / std::unordered_map2023-02-28 03:37:20Mingxin Wanglink
Explicitly specifying default arguments2023-02-01 12:56:44Andrey Semashevlink
Fwd: Re: Proposal regarding labeld breaking and continuation2023-02-17 15:09:43hypatia.sva_atlink
Fwd: set_new_handler extension2023-02-19 05:05:37Jason McKessonlink
Generalized "default" constructor2023-02-14 22:12:28Gergely Nagylink
int Func(void) noreentry(-1)2023-02-02 11:59:10Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Make typename optional when used with a name dependent on a constrained template2023-02-21 21:27:57Christoph Meyerlink
New printf/scanf modifiers2023-02-01 03:57:59Tom Honermannlink
P2815 breaks all provenance-related optimizations2023-02-22 02:53:04connor hormanlink
Paper for Preventing Re-entry of Functions (10 pages)2023-02-19 15:49:20Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Paper on Interfaces (5 Pages)2023-02-23 23:52:16Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Proposal regarding labeld breaking and continuation2023-02-17 12:30:14hypatia.sva_atlink
Proposal to limit the scope of Pattern Matching for a '26 release2023-02-23 17:18:50Михаил Найденовlink
Safety checks at compile time2023-02-14 17:02:24roberto.romani_at_[hidden]link
scoped_lock to support variable number of locks determined during runtime2023-02-07 04:16:13Bharath Slink
set_new_handler extension2023-02-11 22:05:24Phil Bouchardlink
Standard attribute [[nocompare]] for defaulted comparisons2023-02-05 12:42:20Avi Kivitylink
std::is_lambda2023-02-22 09:09:31Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Suggestion: C++ improvements, make it a million times better2023-02-19 07:22:32Matthew Groomlink
Switch on strings2023-02-26 10:56:40Francesco Prettolink
Thoughts on the revival of C++0x Concepts2023-02-18 14:46:08Chen Zhigelink
unique_lock<atomic_flag>2023-02-22 00:02:11Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
[[nodiscard]] friend2023-01-18 16:51:26Robert Allan Schwartzlink
[DRAFT] Another Pattern Matching Proposal2023-01-13 17:19:14Михаил Найденовlink
A type trait to detect if value initialization can be achieved by zero-filling2023-01-29 20:41:41Giuseppe D'Angelolink
about incrementing a pointer of a type with pure virtual function2023-01-20 06:55:55Julien Allalilink
Allow chaining of -> for normal pointers2023-01-07 18:52:31Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Allow non-virtual methods to be final2023-01-05 21:56:30Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Allowing coroutine_handle::from_promise to accept a pointer-interconvertible object2023-01-03 00:24:05Aaron Jacobslink
allowing unicode rightarrow as a substitute for ->2023-01-20 07:05:45Julien Allalilink
Base class reflection2023-01-29 21:20:04Billy Martinlink
basic_string_view::const_reverse_iterator2023-01-18 16:54:10Robert Allan Schwartzlink
Catch exception thrown from constructor of global object2023-01-12 10:23:45Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Common ABI specification2023-01-27 19:23:57samuel ammoniuslink
cout << any2023-01-04 15:55:39Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Exception compatibility with aliens2023-01-18 09:45:34Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Fwd: Catch exception thrown from constructor of global object2023-01-12 16:52:44Jason McKessonlink
Fwd: Fwd: Catch exception thrown from constructor of global object2023-01-12 18:16:33Jason McKessonlink
Halfway between 'variant' and 'any'2023-01-02 16:39:11Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
hexadecimal-escape-sequence2023-01-26 17:23:28Fraser Gordonlink
Idea for a "null" mutex2023-01-02 03:22:31Simon Scattonlink
Make basic_string_view's range construction _conditionally_ explicit2023-01-27 12:17:22Giuseppe D'Angelolink
Namespace with access specifiers in class interface2023-01-03 01:45:08Smith, Jimlink
New printf/scanf modifiers2023-01-31 18:40:47Lee Shallislink
pass() replacement for: forward<>()2023-01-06 00:44:34Phil Bouchardlink
Programmer's Control Over Pointer Convertibility2023-01-10 13:53:12Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Proposal to add f-strings to C++ as an improvement of string formatting2023-01-01 00:55:20Henry Millerlink
Proposal to limit the scope of Pattern Matching for a '26 release2023-01-25 17:16:25Михаил Найденовlink
Return type of function available inside function2023-01-24 20:58:40Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Return type of string_view::remove_suffix2023-01-06 15:17:36Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
RTTI in current_exception2023-01-09 09:20:47Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Self-move-assignment and iterator preservation2023-01-15 21:51:50Emile Cormierlink
Split decltype 's functionality: declaration type or expression type2023-01-08 21:26:58Julien Villemure-Fréchettelink
Standard attribute [[nocompare]] for defaulted comparisons2023-01-16 21:26:39joeri _link
std::ranges::equal(v, {1,2,3,4,5})2023-01-24 16:59:25Arthur O'Dwyerlink
Subsets of std::bitset<N>2023-01-24 20:41:05Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
[DRAFT] Another Pattern Matching Proposal2022-12-01 03:24:18Barry Revzinlink
[Std-Proposals] Re: condexpr: new syntax for preprocessor conditional inclusion2022-12-15 02:24:23Michael Levinelink
Allow std::optional to give pointer to yet-to-be-constructed2022-12-13 12:47:41Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
c++ interfaces vs templates2022-12-08 16:23:38Erik Aronestylink
Chimeric Pointer2022-12-01 10:48:48Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
condexpr: new syntax for preprocessor conditional inclusion2022-12-13 06:12:44Michael Levinelink
cvhost : Re-use CVness of object2022-12-26 17:38:35Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
D2737R0: Proposal of Condition-centric Contracts Syntax2022-12-04 08:09:16Andrew Tomazoslink
delete p = nullptr;2022-12-20 06:51:11Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Designated initializers without braces (aka keyword arguments)2022-12-13 22:13:33Kyle Knoepfellink
Execute statement when leaving scope2022-12-12 09:33:39Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Float the idea | Safer smart pointers2022-12-02 17:59:05Francesco Scappaturalink
Fold expression contains 'if constexpr'2022-12-04 22:40:25Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Optimise stringstream to plunder a string2022-12-15 12:02:22Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Problematic integral promotions on bitfields2022-12-02 20:04:08Johnston, Daniellink
Proposal to add f-strings to C++ as an improvement of string formatting2022-12-28 06:59:19Yurilink
Relocation in C++2022-12-19 11:32:53Sébastien Binilink
Rvalue Parameter : Implicit move and forward2022-12-21 06:45:34Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
template<class T> catch (T &obj)2022-12-27 11:07:27Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
!override2022-11-07 16:23:58Paul Feelink
[DRAFT] Another Pattern Matching Proposal2022-11-29 17:12:41Михаил Найденовlink
[External Email] Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 44, Issue 212022-11-18 04:23:02unlvsur unlvsurlink
Allow static conversion function2022-11-20 14:51:47Kilian Hennebergerlink
Chimeric Pointer2022-11-24 22:46:32Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Chimeric Pointer (template param id's)2022-11-28 09:17:46Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
defect report: coexisting return_value and return_void in coroutines2022-11-27 18:30:25Avi Kivitylink
Extreme Template Parameter Possibilities2022-11-28 16:27:37Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Helper type2022-11-24 00:01:59organicomanlink
Namespace with access specifiers in class interface2022-11-07 20:17:06Smith, Jimlink
New attribute to add implicit using statements for template parameter lists2022-11-28 01:40:00Ryan Klauslink
New vector range constructor to improve performance with forward ranges2022-11-11 20:45:25Alexander Bessonovlink
Pragmas using multiple C++ standards within the same project2022-11-25 04:59:36Mehmet Kayaalplink
Proper Unicode support2022-11-11 10:28:30Francesco Prettolink
Proposal to allow multiple template parameters packs of different types2022-11-14 13:48:09Anoop Ranalink
std::hash/(may be)formatter specializations for enums2022-11-22 19:33:45Nikl Kelbonlink
std::value_or2022-11-13 13:27:35roberto.romani_at_[hidden]link
[bitset] find first set bit after a position pos2022-10-24 15:19:44Madhur Chauhanlink
A new type of mutex and shared_mutex for fine-grained control of elision and spin loops2022-10-06 16:20:43Marko Mäkelälink
Add empty method to std::valarray2022-10-22 07:44:32blacktea hamburgerlink
An issue with IOC2022-10-02 13:41:56blacktea hamburgerlink
begin and end for std::optional2022-10-24 18:01:07Matt Heathlink
CHAR_BIT might not be 82022-10-12 23:25:20Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Character classification functions should return bool2022-10-16 10:42:33blacktea hamburgerlink
Disable assignment to an rvalue2022-10-07 12:20:59blacktea hamburgerlink
Enumeration traits and meta-tools2022-10-23 00:12:55Jason McKessonlink
Expose architecture at compile-time (and more at runtime)2022-10-27 10:22:40Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
inline function within class definition can define member objects2022-10-15 19:50:10Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Lack of monadic operations in 'std::expected'2022-10-18 18:27:09Shiroki Satsukilink
lambda capture rules are too simplistic2022-10-01 12:41:29blacktea hamburgerlink
Make C++ support C's standard pragmas2022-10-01 12:55:07blacktea hamburgerlink
Make std::vector<bool> and std::bitset the same interface2022-10-15 11:12:31blacktea hamburgerlink
Named auto2022-10-01 10:14:35Oleksandr Kovallink
operator __available initialises array with visible variables2022-10-22 19:23:54Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Proposal to limit the scope of Pattern Matching for a '26 release2022-10-06 13:01:51Михаил Найденовlink
Relax the restriction on the operand of a single-object delete-expression2022-10-01 13:29:19blacktea hamburgerlink
Relocation in C++2022-10-02 21:09:13Edward Catmurlink
Small C compatibility extensions for array2022-10-23 12:23:57blacktea hamburgerlink
Specify that argument to function cannot be an rvalue2022-10-08 21:46:44Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Standardize boost::rational2022-10-16 07:03:15blacktea hamburgerlink
std::at2022-10-16 10:00:12blacktea hamburgerlink
std::cbrt(std::complex)2022-10-25 15:00:33Jason Clink
std::sign2022-10-16 08:15:31blacktea hamburgerlink
std::valarray extension & fix2022-10-29 14:33:36blacktea hamburgerlink
Stop adding more member functions that shouldn't be added2022-10-16 08:33:10blacktea hamburgerlink
Support std::numeric_limits for enums2022-10-01 21:12:32Gergely Nagylink
Templated Circular Buffer Container2022-10-26 12:53:33Phil Bouchardlink
The member functions of std::vector<bool>::reference and std::bitset::reference (except for ctors and dtors) should all be const2022-10-07 11:41:50blacktea hamburgerlink
The null-aware arrow operator: ?->2022-10-20 03:07:16Stéphane Duguaylink
void type instantiations2022-10-14 02:27:04Phil Bouchardlink
Why is it illegal for default operator delete[] to deallocate the memory allocated by default operator new?2022-10-01 13:48:41blacktea hamburgerlink
Why some standard functions having a wide contract are not marked as conditionally noexcept?2022-10-01 13:10:46blacktea hamburgerlink
[DRAFT PAPER] Allowing the establishment of namespace scopes in an export-declaration2022-09-08 03:58:27Zopolis0link
[DRAFT PAPER] std::variant with std::specify_base2022-09-14 18:37:52Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Achieving syntax by another means (std::variant with std::specify_base)2022-09-17 20:58:34Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Add empty method to std::valarray2022-09-03 05:10:27blacktea hamburgerlink
Add more methods to std::initializer_list instead of overloading2022-09-03 04:50:49blacktea hamburgerlink
Cascade mutex proposal (fast deadlock detection)2022-09-14 22:18:41Alexander_at_[hidden]link
Construct an iostream from a file descriptor2022-09-02 09:36:56Paul Feelink
Do not accept std::generator, please.2022-09-03 08:49:06Nikl Kelbonlink
Draft Paper - Increase the versatility of operator->2022-09-21 09:59:28Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Export namespaces without namespace block, only keyword (modules)2022-09-02 12:36:35Zopolis0link
find_integral_constant2022-09-23 17:29:40Sébastien Binilink
Generic code, not the API you are looking for2022-09-10 13:21:13Михаил Найденовlink
Great proposal writing description.2022-09-09 15:45:31Magnus Fromreidelink
lambda capture rules are too simplistic2022-09-25 08:11:03blacktea hamburgerlink
Make C++ support C's standard pragmas2022-09-25 12:31:43blacktea hamburgerlink
Make calling the pseudo-destructor multiple times on an object undefined behavior?2022-09-11 14:39:02blacktea hamburgerlink
Missing constexpr for std::intmax_t math functions2022-09-24 10:45:59George Tokmajilink
Named auto2022-09-27 12:46:17Oleksandr Kovallink
New method 'common_base' for 'std::variant'2022-09-06 12:01:59Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Possible clean API break solution2022-09-01 12:51:49Thiago Macieiralink
Proposal: std::obj_from_dmbr2022-09-01 04:35:13Lewis Bakerlink
Redundant std::begin() and std::end() overloads for std::initializer_list2022-09-03 04:26:28blacktea hamburgerlink
Relax the restriction on the operand of a single-object delete-expression2022-09-03 10:46:21blacktea hamburgerlink
Relocation in C++2022-09-05 12:29:04Sébastien Binilink
Rust vs C/C++ vs C++ Superset2022-09-27 14:49:05Phil Bouchardlink
std::is_specialization_of2022-09-10 09:00:04Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Support std::numeric_limits for enums2022-09-25 13:15:33Gergely Nagylink
Versioned Standard2022-09-20 01:21:48William Linkmeyerlink
volatile is not well supported2022-09-01 23:24:39Phil Bouchardlink
Why some standard functions having a wide contract are not marked as conditionally noexcept?2022-09-11 14:28:01blacktea hamburgerlink
Allow explicit types for destructured objects in structured bindings2022-08-09 17:51:45Guillaume Racicotlink
Any plans to standardize parallel_for?2022-08-18 22:05:16Phil Bouchardlink
Are there any plans to allow opting in into designated initializers for my nonaggregate classes/structs?2022-08-18 21:27:04Ivan Mateklink
assert functionality on non-debug builds2022-08-17 14:52:07Florian Gavrillink
Class Instance Re-Use/Re-Init2022-08-14 16:54:34Greg McPherranlink
Custom call convention per type2022-08-07 14:21:21Avi Kivitylink
Defect Report: Core constant expression inverse of standard conversion sequences2022-08-21 10:06:00David Ledgerlink
Export namespaces without namespace block, only keyword (modules)2022-08-15 07:46:12Zopolis0link
Fwd: C++ proposal: Enumeration cast2022-08-10 12:11:54alink
Generic code, not the API you are looking for2022-08-19 08:08:18Михаил Найденовlink
Make calling the pseudo-destructor multiple times on an object undefined behavior?2022-08-28 13:06:06blacktea hamburgerlink
New type 'dvoid' -- a pointer to a destructible object2022-08-23 11:28:33Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Possible clean API break solution2022-08-30 23:44:27Marcin Jaczewskilink
Preprocessor macro __COUNTER__2022-08-16 11:53:00Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Proposal: std::obj_from_dmbr2022-08-21 05:11:15Walt Karaslink
Questions regarding standardization process in 20222022-08-07 09:44:44Михаил Найденовlink
Ranges cyclic views?2022-08-09 10:05:38KLlink
Re-Init Example Use Case2022-08-15 02:06:36Greg McPherranlink
Redundant std::begin() and std::end() overloads for std::initializer_list2022-08-30 13:43:00hamburger blacktealink
Relocation in C++2022-08-02 08:37:08Sébastien Binilink
Static Allocator (All Containers Compatible with Microcontrollers)2022-08-03 15:38:45Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Static/constant-initialized allocations2022-08-05 10:09:52Torben Thaysenlink
Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 41, Issue 25 (__COUNTER__)2022-08-17 10:08:30Alexander Christensenlink
The syntax of forward and move macros2022-08-28 23:31:19Amar Sariclink
There should be a place for papers public discussion in a structured way.2022-08-15 16:03:18Михаил Найденовlink
Versatility -- Classes change at runtime2022-08-01 11:16:15Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Why is it illegal for default operator delete[] to deallocate the memory allocated by default operator new?2022-08-28 12:16:33blacktea hamburgerlink
Why some standard functions having a wide contract are not marked as conditionally noexcept?2022-08-29 14:22:12blacktea hamburgerlink
Allow specialize std::ranges algorithms2022-07-28 06:48:31Nikl Kelbonlink
C++ Networking Feature Request: Type-Erased Handler Wrapper2022-07-27 17:40:12Emile Cormierlink
coalesce function2022-07-03 20:23:34roberto.romani_at_[hidden]link
Custom call convention per type2022-07-28 21:26:41Marcin Jaczewskilink
Explicit template parameters2022-07-03 12:02:06Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Flat Dynamic Polymorphism Library2022-07-16 13:03:26Nikl Kelbonlink
Impose friendship when needed2022-07-17 18:05:36Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Quick Idea: Enable/Disable Auto Gens2022-07-08 09:57:41Oktlryklink
Standard library should have a simple 'gate' for multithreading2022-07-21 23:38:16Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
std::array with enum class for size2022-07-22 16:13:13Jefferson Carpenterlink
std::bitset slicing2022-07-27 18:57:31AJ Sutravelink
Ternary typedef's2022-07-20 09:28:43Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
unwrapping zip_view with std::views::elements2022-07-28 06:20:27Desmond Gold Bongcawellink
Versatility -- Classes change at runtime2022-07-30 18:56:03Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Well-defined behaviour and implicit conversion for function pointers that take void*2022-07-08 10:53:42Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Easier syntax for move-capture in lambdas2022-06-01 07:52:06Abdullah Qasimlink
Fwd: Use of volatile as function argument should not be deprecated.2022-06-10 00:33:10Jason McKessonlink
Making tuple an aggregate2022-06-07 16:54:57Phil Endecottlink
P1132: out_ptr should include an overload for Pointer*&2022-06-25 20:57:25Andrew Gieselink
Possible defect in [temp.arg.explicit]'s wording2022-06-07 17:45:58Anoop Ranalink
Potential defect in the standard when disambiguating function templates when one of them contains a pack2022-06-18 12:26:41Anoop Ranalink
Relocation in C++2022-06-01 09:29:32Sébastien Binilink
Use of volatile as function argument should not be deprecated.2022-06-08 21:46:58Ryan P. Nicholllink
Add operator for element wise multiplication.2022-05-10 13:13:36Patrik Tegelberglink
Allow reinterpret_cast in constexpr when C-cast is allowed2022-05-27 13:59:11Oleksandr Kovallink
Allow usage "consteval" in lambda-functions2022-05-04 00:25:42R. Kagirovlink
concepts in <complex>2022-05-04 07:10:29Abdullah Qasimlink
concepts in function param list2022-05-01 08:03:22Abdullah Qasimlink
constexpr loops2022-05-01 07:50:57Abdullah Qasimlink
Easier syntax for move-capture in lambdas2022-05-17 11:05:11Fabio Alemagnalink
explicit keyword (new use)2022-05-01 07:57:31Abdullah Qasimlink
Explicit keyword for template parameters2022-05-01 06:41:51Peter C++link
finally keyword2022-05-01 07:52:31Abdullah Qasimlink
if () {typedef x y;}2022-05-01 08:30:24Abdullah Qasimlink
operator alignof2022-05-01 08:22:33Abdullah Qasimlink
regex_top_level_token_iterator2022-05-02 14:43:22Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Relocation in C++2022-05-02 10:23:47Sébastien Binilink
replace2022-05-01 09:37:22Abdullah Qasimlink
requires keyword (new use)2022-05-01 08:15:50Abdullah Qasimlink
template <concept C>2022-05-01 08:33:42Abdullah Qasimlink
回复: Allow usage "consteval" in lambda-functions2022-05-04 04:05:27v.S.
Abbreviating error handling2022-04-02 19:15:26Ivan Mateklink
C++ feature ideea/proposal2022-04-05 10:58:42PaulIRLlink
C-style array specialization for std::get2022-04-13 17:32:18Paolo Di Gigliolink
Comparison operators between pair<T, U> and tuple<T, U>2022-04-29 15:09:52Kilian Hennebergerlink
Consider:2022-04-20 10:13:27Abdullah Qasimlink
Contradiction about this parameter in the C++ standard2022-04-18 16:45:16Anoop Ranalink
decltype can access private and protected2022-04-16 22:51:18Jody Haginslink
Derived class's function invokes base class's function2022-04-06 15:34:55Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Dispatching enum class2022-04-01 16:00:37Gergely Nagylink
Explicit keyword for template parameters2022-04-30 08:07:28Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Floating the idea for std::make_contiguous_objects2022-04-25 23:23:37Breno Guimarãeslink
function implicit return with named return values (proposal idea)2022-04-06 11:59:59Zamfir Yonchevlink
istream_iterator_limited2022-04-18 19:19:20Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Laundering arrays of unknown bound2022-04-03 07:11:54Jason Cobblink
MACROS2022-04-28 10:55:33Abdullah Qasimlink
Possibly wrong range for signed integral conversions2022-04-12 17:16:24pieter_at_[hidden]link
Proposal for a new language feature: auto?2022-04-16 13:12:50Jonathan Sweemerlink
Relocation in C++2022-04-29 16:08:18Sébastien Binilink
Static-layout types2022-04-23 10:04:40Lauri Vasamalink
Structure dereference and value category2022-04-01 22:13:33Marcin Jaczewskilink
A new kind variable for immediate functions2022-03-04 11:54:03Torben Thaysenlink
Abbreviating error handling2022-03-27 18:57:30shortanemoia_atlink
Adding deduced "this" to already-existing CRTP interfaces2022-03-18 18:03:31Keenan Horriganlink
Another typing laziness features2022-03-12 22:42:34organicomanlink
C-style array specialization for std::get2022-03-01 15:00:57Jason McKessonlink
creation function for std::vector2022-03-20 02:34:42Tatsuya Yanagitalink
decltype can access private and protected2022-03-25 17:46:49Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Default arguments should participate in template argument deduction2022-03-28 19:07:20Kilian Hennebergerlink
Detect non overriden function2022-03-19 11:34:52organicomanlink
Explicit keyword for template parameters2022-03-25 10:47:07Frederick Virchanza Gothamlink
Fwd: A new kind variable for immediate functions2022-03-05 07:58:57Torben Thaysenlink
Fwd: Detect non overriden function2022-03-19 15:45:04Jason McKessonlink
Implicitly accepting leading default function/template argument values2022-03-06 15:26:51David Joneslink
Inheriting Aggregate Initialization with using T::T2022-03-27 06:08:27David Ledgerlink
Introducing std::numbers::tau2022-03-05 14:45:10Desmond Gold Bongcawellink
Pointer to member suggestions2022-03-18 12:00:52sasho648link
Relocation in C++2022-03-01 22:26:17Andreas Ringlstetterlink
Return type deduction2022-03-09 13:46:36Baruch Bursteinlink
Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 36, Issue 162022-03-06 11:11:53Alexander Christensenlink
Ambiguity or defect with parallel STL algorithms?2022-02-25 04:27:02Brook Milliganlink
C-style array specialization for std::get2022-02-28 16:47:16Paolo Di Gigliolink
Callee-cleanup, was Re: Relocation in C++2022-02-01 19:46:06Arthur O'Dwyerlink
Enum class extensions2022-02-23 10:12:15Dragan Grbiclink
Fwd: Relax condition for potentially invoked destructor in constructor2022-02-26 15:30:25Jason McKessonlink
Inheriting Aggregate Initialization with using T::T2022-02-15 15:39:50David Ledgerlink
New features for enum class2022-02-11 18:45:36Alexander Christensenlink
Proposing Mixed Template Parameter Packs [initial discussion]2022-02-18 20:56:04mail_at_[hidden]link
Providing a customization point for stack objects to react to coroutines being suspended and resumed2022-02-26 01:31:42Ridley Combslink
Relax condition for potentially invoked destructor in constructor2022-02-24 07:08:49Kilian Hennebergerlink
Relocation in C++2022-02-01 09:26:15Sébastien Binilink
Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 35, Issue 222022-02-23 12:20:19Alexander Christensenlink
std::isfinite for complex numbers, and other functionality2022-02-09 15:55:06Licht Martin Wernerlink
[DRAFT] typename and template are redundant for constrained types2022-01-19 17:25:55Михаил Найденовlink
std::must_move()2022-01-31 13:04:18Avi Kivitylink