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[std-proposals] New features for enum class

From: Alexander Christensen <alex_c007_at_[hidden]>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2022 18:45:36 +0000

So I have been considering / missing some features from enums, more speficially "enum class"'es,
some of which can be found in e.g. C#. These are nice-to-have, and could in some cases be a really
great help during development and logging.

Ever tried to log the value of an enum and being dissappointed to only find an integer, requiring
a table lookup?

My first ever attempt to write a proposal can be found in the compiled pdf found here:

It very likely contains errors, inconsistencies, or other undesired appearances. So I apologize in advance for these.
I merely wanted to see, if there were any interest in something like this, as well as how I could proceed.


Received on 2022-02-11 18:45:39