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[std-proposals] [[packed]]

[std-proposals] [[packed]] std::unaligned

[std-proposals] [[packed]] std::unaligned (Paper Attached)

[std-proposals] [SG15] WIP, Tooling structured response files.

[std-proposals] `std::counted_sentinel`?

[std-proposals] Addition of std::contains to Simplify Container Value Checks

[std-proposals] Attaching and detaching memory from std::vector or std::string

[std-proposals] Concept Overloading in C++

[std-proposals] D3077R0 Proposal of static_cast shorthand: <T>(x) DRAFT 1

[std-proposals] Declare as constinit, define as constexpr?

[std-proposals] Enforce const correctness on deleted move constructor

[std-proposals] Extended precision unsigned arithmetic

[std-proposals] In re: Issue2157

[std-proposals] Iterating over a parameter pack for...

[std-proposals] Lakos rule

[std-proposals] Making the converting constructor of std::optional less greedy

[std-proposals] More idiomatic std::islower/std::iswlower

[std-proposals] Proposal: add `.at()` to `mdspan`

[std-proposals] Proposed defect report related to std::array<T, 0>

[std-proposals] readonly specifier

[std-proposals] Simd iterator/view

[std-proposals] Specify how `std::nullopt_t` is constructed

[std-proposals] std::shared_ptr resurrect

[std-proposals] std::sizeof_minus_trailing_padding

[std-proposals] Try to make the subrange returned in `<ranges>`/`<algorithm>` model `sized_range`?

[std-proposals] Update C++ mailing list web UI

[std-proposals] void std::optional<T>::abandon(void) noexcept

[std-proposals] We should allow to specialize algorithms

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