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Re: [std-proposals] std::shared_ptr resurrect

From: Marcin Jaczewski <marcinjaczewski86_at_[hidden]>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2023 22:02:02 +0100
pon., 11 gru 2023 o 21:25 Thiago Macieira <thiago_at_[hidden]> napisaƂ(a):
> On Monday, 11 December 2023 12:42:23 MST Marcin Jaczewski wrote:
> > > But if it's 1, then you have the only copy and there is no other thread
> > > seeing this object. The number can't change unless the current thread
> > > changes it.
> > But all threads can return 5 too. As check is done before decrement
> > every one can observe the state before it.
> Correct. All of them can observe the state as 5. That means all of them could
> decrement and you'd get a discarded block, instead of reusing it.
> > And this means no thread can get 1 and acquire the last instance.
> > We need to guarantee that one thread will be the least instance.
> Do you really need to guarantee that? This problem sounded like an
> optimisation to reuse pre-allocated buffers, not a requirement.
> If you REALLY need to, then yes, use_count() won't solve your problem. But I'd
> question your assertion that you really must. At that point, maybe you should
> rearchitect to remove the extra indirection via shared_ptr and use an
> intrusive ref-count that you control. You probably don't need shared_ptr's
> other feature of not incrementing up from 0.
> Or use a mutex.

I do not need to do anything :)
I only wanted to suggest a working solution for the OP problem.

Yes, there is a question if this should be `std::shared_ptr`,
but as I see current implementation of it, it has nearly
all needed tools to implement this new functionality.
And very possible without breaking ABI.

If we do not want to alter this pointer then maybe standard should
give functionality like this in different type?
(functionality of choosing the last 1 of n in noblocking manner).
Probably the closest thing is
`!try_acquire()` from `std::counting_semaphore`.

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