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[std-proposals] !continue

[std-proposals] [SG15] WIP, Tooling structured response files.

[std-proposals] Accessing a tuple element of index not known until runtime

[std-proposals] Add `.at()` for `view_interface` (also along with `mdspan`)?

[std-proposals] Avoiding code duplication for template specializations

[std-proposals] Bool casting operator to check if a container not empty

[std-proposals] Callsite passed as template parameter

[std-proposals] Complex type traits

[std-proposals] Consteval persistent memory allocator

[std-proposals] Get UUID at compile-time from compiler (sort of like __COUNTER__)

[std-proposals] inplace_vector failable apis

[std-proposals] Keeping C++ Young: Migrating to Modern C++

[std-proposals] Make closure type structural

[std-proposals] operator typename+ (Tuple -> ParamPack)

[std-proposals] Optimize away VTBL when using single inheritance

[std-proposals] optional<T&> semantics [was Re: inplace_vector failable apis]

[std-proposals] Range-based for loop

[std-proposals] Recursive macros

[std-proposals] Simd iterator/view

[std-proposals] Slurp or any other RAII text file API

[std-proposals] std::async_noexcept

[std-proposals] std::sizeof_minus_trailing_padding

[std-proposals] Try-catch declaration

[std-proposals] Unary operator | (absolute value of)

[std-proposals] void std::optional<T>::abandon(void) noexcept

[std-proposals] WIP, Tooling structured response files.

Last message date: 2023-11-30 22:29:42