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[std-proposals] `mdspan` CTAD specialization for `integral_constant`?

[std-proposals] A type trait for detecting virtual base classes

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[std-proposals] Distinguish between adjectives and verbs

[std-proposals] for ( repeat_count )

[std-proposals] Fw: Supporting f-strings in C++: draft-R1

[std-proposals] Fwd: Fw: Supporting f-strings in C++: draft-R1

[std-proposals] Interest in constexpr std::shared_ptr?

[std-proposals] Iterators for basic_string and basic_string_view find functions

[std-proposals] Newlines in F-strings

[std-proposals] Opt-In Compile Time Bounds Checking

[std-proposals] Set 'this' in non-member function

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[std-proposals] static static variable inside template function

[std-proposals] std::span<T>::iterator convertible to std::span<T const>::iterator

[std-proposals] Supporting f-strings in C++

[std-proposals] Supporting f-strings in C++: draft-R1

Last message date: 2023-10-31 19:44:18