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[std-proposals] <ranges>: Provide member empty() for ranges adaptors (whenever possible)

[std-proposals] [[packed]] std::unaligned (Paper Attached)

[std-proposals] ABI comparison with reflection : new proposal

[std-proposals] Addition of std::contains to Simplify Container Value Checks

[std-proposals] Allow conversion of memfunc pointers to func pointers

[std-proposals] Attaching and detaching memory from std::vector or std::string

[std-proposals] Bit permutations

[std-proposals] Bit-precise integers

[std-proposals] C++23 ratification

[std-proposals] Carry-less product

[std-proposals] Common code for all exceptions thrown

[std-proposals] constexpr std::uncaught_exceptions

[std-proposals] Do we still need literal types?

[std-proposals] Enforce const correctness on deleted move constructor

[std-proposals] Expanding constinit

[std-proposals] Is a default ctor struct C{C(); }; also a converting constructor

[std-proposals] Loosen complexity guarantees for std::lower_bound

[std-proposals] Make inline implicit for static data members with in-class initialiser

[std-proposals] More bitset operations

[std-proposals] More idiomatic std::islower/std::iswlower

[std-proposals] New Data structure.

[std-proposals] OFF TOPIC, Sad but important news

[std-proposals] ranges::to valarray (from_range_t for valarray constructor)

[std-proposals] Should postfix increment and decrement operators be automatically obtainable from their prefix versions?

[std-proposals] Simplified reflection with tuples

Last message date: 2024-01-31 22:31:24