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[std-proposals] 128-bit integers

[std-proposals] <ranges>: Provide member empty() for ranges adaptors (whenever possible)

[std-proposals] A Minimal JSON Support Library for C++

[std-proposals] Allow forward declarations of typedef'ed classes

[std-proposals] Bit-precise integers

[std-proposals] C++26 debugging library

[std-proposals] Draft proposal for std::contains and its variants

[std-proposals] Enhanced binomial min heap as high speed priority_queue, sort

[std-proposals] Extensible vtables -- Ensuring ABI isn't broken

[std-proposals] Fwd: Simplify taking pointer to non-static member function

[std-proposals] High Performance Thread-Safe C++ Containers

[std-proposals] How to propose a feature?

[std-proposals] import std and streams macros

[std-proposals] Integer overflow arithmetic

[std-proposals] Interest in constexpr std::shared_ptr?

[std-proposals] Requires-clause for data members

[std-proposals] Simplify taking pointer to non-static member function

[std-proposals] Specify behavior of coroutine_handle::destroy

[std-proposals] std::arithmetic concept

Last message date: 2024-02-22 16:34:48