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[std-proposals] Allow forward declarations of typedef'ed classes

From: Frederick Virchanza Gotham <cauldwell.thomas_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2024 09:49:08 +0000
I had a header file "record.h" something like as follows:

    class IDevice;
    int Record( IDevice * );

I put in a forward declaration for 'IDevice, because I didn't want to
include the header file that defines 'IDevice' for two reasons:
    (1) To reduce compile time
    (2) To avoid a circular dependency

This worked fine until the person who maintained 'IDevice' did the
following inside "IDevice.hpp":

    template<bool temp_param_record>
    class Interface {
        static consteval bool record(void) noexcept { return
temp_param_record; }

    typedef Interface<true> IDevice;

So now any source file that does the following:

    #include "IDevice.h"
    #include "record.h"

fails to compile. So I propose that the following be valid C++:

    class Monkey;

    int Func(Monkey *const p)
        return nullptr == p;

    class Donkey {
        int number;

    typedef Donkey Monkey;

    int main(void)
        Monkey obj;

I propose that we should be able to do a forward declaration of a
typedef'ed class.

Received on 2024-02-20 09:49:20