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[RFC] String_view support for regex

Add std::basic_ios::setfail() setter function

Allow reinterpret_cast (and static_cast from void*) in a constant expression in limited cases

Beyond regex

Guaranteeing more object contiguity

if !consteval

Improved Member Operator Syntax

Initial Idea of Indirect If Statement

Low-hanging fruit: virtual plain-old-data members

Make class template parameters available externally

New way to declare smart pointers

P0593R5 Implicit creation of objects ...: About reinterpret_cast in examples

Prevent Assignments from contextually converting to bool

proposal: [[noexcept]] attribute

Question about using _ for Pattern Matching

Reply to Herb Sutter about Zero-Overhead deterministic. It is not true.

Reserve good keywords for floating point types

Restrict possible values of CHAR_BIT



Template qualifiers

The C++ 17&&20 object model is broken, and concepts would reveal it for the world to see

Last message date: 2019-10-31 21:45:19