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[std-proposals] !override

[std-proposals] [DRAFT] Another Pattern Matching Proposal

[std-proposals] [External Email] Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 44, Issue 21

[std-proposals] Allow static conversion function

[std-proposals] Chimeric Pointer

[std-proposals] Chimeric Pointer (template param id's)

[std-proposals] defect report: coexisting return_value and return_void in coroutines

[std-proposals] Extreme Template Parameter Possibilities

[std-proposals] Helper type

[std-proposals] Namespace with access specifiers in class interface

[std-proposals] New attribute to add implicit using statements for template parameter lists

[std-proposals] New vector range constructor to improve performance with forward ranges

[std-proposals] Pragmas using multiple C++ standards within the same project

[std-proposals] Proper Unicode support

[std-proposals] Proposal to allow multiple template parameters packs of different types

[std-proposals] std::hash/(may be)formatter specializations for enums

[std-proposals] std::value_or

Last message date: 2022-11-30 11:54:11