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[std-proposals] std::type_info::size() Frederick Virchanza Gotham (2023-07-31 13:34:58)

[std-proposals] Revision 1 of scoped enum enhancements Alexander Christensen (2023-07-30 16:27:51)

[std-proposals] Add std::shift_left and std::shift_right as function objects Leon Lenk (2023-07-28 03:16:01)

[std-proposals] Functions that don't need parentheses to make a call Frederick Virchanza Gotham (2023-07-24 22:31:18)

[std-proposals] Require diagnostic for array to bool conversion sasho648 (2023-07-22 08:39:45)

[std-proposals] Appending a string to itself Jerry Coffin (2023-07-21 16:58:38)

[std-proposals] Literal representing for chrono::days/weeks/months/years Kang Hewill (2023-07-21 05:10:38)

[std-proposals] Template Type Resolution -- Special Rules for std::function Frederick Virchanza Gotham (2023-07-18 11:09:15)

Re: [std-proposals] Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 52, Issue 57 trtaab trtaab (2023-07-16 02:39:57)

[std-proposals] Return Value Optimisation whenever you need it (guaranteed elision) Frederick Virchanza Gotham (2023-07-15 23:58:03)

Re: [std-proposals] Forced stopping of RAII compliant execution threads. Destructors. Yuri Petrenko (2023-07-15 15:13:39)

Re: [std-proposals] Forced stopping of RAII compliant execution threads. POSIX threads. Yuri Petrenko (2023-07-15 13:27:04)

[std-proposals] std::dummy_prvalue -- Kind of, sort of, like a std::declval that you can evaluate Frederick Virchanza Gotham (2023-07-15 13:03:04)

Re: [std-proposals] Forced stopping of RAII compliant execution threads. Do you have a working implementation? Yuri Petrenko (2023-07-14 16:51:40)

[std-proposals] Forced stopping of RAII compliant execution threads. Юрий Петренко (2023-07-14 13:43:50)

[std-proposals] Allow automatically deduced return type for explicitly defaulted move- and copy-assignment operators Matthew Taylor (2023-07-13 10:04:36)

[std-proposals] "shared libraries are outside the scope of the C++ standard" Ofek Shilon (2023-07-12 14:34:05)

[std-proposals] Prevent re-entry but re-queue the event Frederick Virchanza Gotham (2023-07-11 11:00:22)

[std-proposals] Impact of defaulted ctor on value initialization Ofek Shilon (2023-07-11 09:45:00)

[std-proposals] std::enum_max and std::enum_min Frederick Virchanza Gotham (2023-07-10 07:15:04)

[std-proposals] std::jthread - Invoke member function pointer with stop_token Kilian Henneberger (2023-07-09 16:03:19)

Re: [std-proposals] Proposal for including std::reduction_map and std::reduction_multimap in the C++23 Standard Jonathan Wakely (2023-07-09 06:36:16)

[std-proposals] A Standardized Package Descriptor Table for C++ 1one1 (2023-07-07 20:03:23)

[std-proposals] Proposal for an Extended Memory Management (EMM) Library for the C++Standard 1one1 (2023-07-07 18:03:07)

[std-proposals] Proposal to introduce a Hardware Security Namespace to the C++ Standard Library. 1one1 (2023-07-07 17:09:12)

Re: [std-proposals] Proposal for 'std::fiber<T>' Language-level Extension in C++23 1one1 (2023-07-07 13:49:41)

[std-proposals] [Forward: std-proposals] Proposal for `std::fiber<T>` Language-Level Extension in C++23 1one1 (2023-07-07 08:17:13)

[std-proposals] Proposal for `std::fiber<T>` Language-Level Extension in C++23 1one1 (2023-07-07 07:05:20)

[std-proposals] Is that a compiler bug or unspecified behavior? hjj k (2023-07-06 16:01:39)

[std-proposals] span<incomplete_type> Andrey Davydov (2023-07-06 06:50:18)

[std-proposals] C++23.Standards.Committee.Propasal.For.Validated.Types.h 1one1 (2023-07-06 04:45:36)

Re: [std-proposals] Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 52, Issue 19 trtaab trtaab (2023-07-06 04:12:00)

Re: [std-proposals] [External Email] Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 52, Issue 17 unlvsur unlvsur (2023-07-06 03:23:51)

Re: [std-proposals] Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 52, Issue 15 trtaab trtaab (2023-07-06 02:46:23)

Re: [std-proposals] Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 52, Issue 14 trtaab trtaab (2023-07-06 02:41:46)

[std-proposals] Request for a Standard LaTeX Template for Proposals trtaab trtaab (2023-07-06 00:29:30)

[std-proposals] Efficient and silent bounds checking with silent_at() trtaab trtaab (2023-07-05 23:38:13)

[std-proposals] Issues submiting a proposal Михаил Найденов (2023-07-03 17:11:41)

[std-proposals] Member apply Kang Hewill (2023-07-03 15:15:01)

[std-proposals] std::contains_mutable Frederick Virchanza Gotham (2023-07-01 15:23:31)

[std-proposals] Mandate layout of std::array Brian Bi (2023-07-01 00:34:21)

Re: [std-proposals] New function attribute [[nodiscard_scope]] Thiago Macieira (2023-07-01 04:14:57)

Re: [std-proposals] New function attribute [[nodiscard_scope]] Bjorn Reese (2023-07-01 15:29:23)

Re: [std-proposals] Use optional<T> as though it were T Harald Achitz (2023-07-04 07:10:37)

Re: [std-proposals] Proposal for Uniform Forward And Move Frederick Virchanza Gotham (2023-07-05 21:12:46)

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