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Why doesn't the standard allow definitions of static constexpr variables in constexpr functions? v.S. F. (2021-09-30 10:42:29)

Why does the instantiation context of "foo<int, X>" comprise the end of TU2? jim x (2021-09-29 07:51:51)

std::apply and adl get Jordi Vilar (2021-09-28 16:37:50)

Function overload resolution Vladimir Grigoriev (2021-09-27 16:22:37)

Iterators of the class template std::array Vladimir Grigoriev (2021-09-26 11:27:03)

I need strict aliasing for simple types Andy (2021-09-19 18:14:03)

Possible std::ranges::subrange defect? Keenan Horrigan (2021-09-17 23:20:47)

lambda, capture by const-ref Federico Kircheis (2021-09-15 21:05:06)

What is the meaning of `new T[0]`? Brian Bi (2021-09-10 19:11:56)

Temporary file as c++ stream Andy Little (2021-09-06 19:14:28)

Explicit and implicit parameter counts Rick C. Hodgin (2021-09-03 14:48:51)

Re: Construction and destruction Vladimir Grigoriev (2021-09-06 10:50:06)

Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: inout_ptr - inconsistent release() JeanHeyd Meneide (2021-09-18 20:03:03)

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