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[SG15] (Raw) Minutes from the 2019-08-02 tooling telecon

[SG15] 2019-09-21 Denver Tooling Meeting - Remote Attendance and Lunch

[SG15] [Denver SG15 Meeting Paper] D1857r0.0: Modules Dependency Discovery

[SG15] Agenda for this Friday's (2019-08-16) Tooling Telecon

[SG15] Extending p1184 for direct transfer of BMIs

[SG15] List of "desired papers" for the Modules Ecosystem Technical Report

[SG15] module source suffixes

[SG15] P1845R0: 2019-09-21 Denver tooling meeting details; 2019-09-09 is the deadline for papers to be discussed at this meeting

[SG15] Questions / tradeoffs for module source suffixes

[SG15] Tooling Group meeting at CppCon - Tentatively 2019-09-21, the Saturday after CppCon

[SG15] Will any change in a module source or dependencies cause change in the public/reachable surface of the built module?

Extending p1184 for dependency scanning

Extending p1184 for direct transfer of BMIs

Last message date: 2019-08-31 02:10:29