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Subject: Re: [SG15] module source suffixes
From: Ben Craig (ben.craig_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-08-29 13:27:13

Editors will also auto-complete poorly, and sometimes "smart indent" poorly if the extension isn't recognized. I deal with this on a regular basis when I dig into a standard library header.

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> Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [SG15] module source suffixes
> On 29/08/2019 13.56, Olga Arkhipova wrote:
> > Even non compiling editors will need to be aware of new syntax (if not
> BMIs) to show something meaningful for modules, aren't they?
> Yeeeees... and no. Lines with module directives may (probably will) mis-
> highlight, but most of the file should be reasonable.
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