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[SG16] Polls for named unicode escape sequences Steve Downey (2021-09-29 19:50:45)

[SG16] Invitation: ISO C++ SG16 (Unicode) Telecon Tom Honermann via Standard C++ Foundation (2021-09-29 17:12:33)

[SG16] 1854R1 - Conversion to literal encoding should not lead to loss of meaning Corentin (2021-09-23 12:03:38)

[SG16] Fwd: [wg14/wg21 liaison] C and C++ Compatibility Oct Agenda Corentin (2021-09-22 21:22:57)

[SG16] P1885 polling Corentin (2021-09-22 21:18:14)

[SG16] Follow up on LWG3576: Clarifying fill character in std::format Tom Honermann (2021-09-22 18:14:52)

[SG16] Whitespaces again Corentin (2021-09-21 05:15:32)

[SG16] P2071 - Named universal character escapes Steve Downey (2021-09-15 18:31:00)

[SG16] P1885: Naming text encodings: problem+solution re: charsets, octets, and wide encodings Hubert Tong (2021-09-14 04:37:38)

[SG16] P1885: Naming text encodings: Encodings in the environment versus registered character sets Hubert Tong (2021-09-13 05:44:04)

Re: [SG16] Agenda for the 2021-09-22 SG16 meeting Peter Brett (2021-09-09 11:13:18)

[SG16] Agenda for the 2021-09-15 SG16 meeting Peter Brett (2021-09-09 11:11:10)

Re: [SG16] [isocpp-lib-ext] [SG9] [isocpp-lib] D2432R0: paper to fix istream_view() (was: istream_view construction looks fundamentally broken) Inbal Levi (2021-09-09 11:02:06)

[SG16] SG16 meeting summary for September 8th, 2021 Peter Brett (2021-09-09 10:39:08)

[SG16] P2348: Feedback on r1 draft Hubert Tong (2021-09-08 23:30:23)

[SG16] P1885: Naming text encodings: Curation and provenance of aliases Hubert Tong (2021-09-08 16:08:56)

[SG16] Agenda for the 2021-09-08 SG16 meeting Peter Brett (2021-09-01 15:28:18)

[SG16] SG16 meeting summary for August 25th, 2021 Peter Brett (2021-09-01 15:12:28)

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