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[SG14] Initial attempt at Latency Preserving Library "Core" Guidelines Tjernstrom, Staffan (2019-02-26 15:55:57)

[SG14] Please update with evening session noes Michael Wong (2019-02-23 18:45:54)

[SG14] Ideas on debug constexpr functions or other functions that have been 100% removed from the EXE Scott Wardle (2019-02-14 01:25:59)

[SG14] No SG14 monthly call this week Michael Wong (2019-02-12 01:01:31)

[SG14] Nature of the Index Offset Jayesh Badwaik (2019-02-12 00:21:23)

[SG14] Are the archives not being updated? Jayesh Badwaik (2019-02-09 10:02:58)

[SG14] Vice chair contact details Matthew Bentley (2019-02-06 22:44:46)

[SG14] Minutes of the Meeting on February 6, 2019 3PM ET Jayesh Badwaik (2019-02-06 21:47:41)

[SG14] P1385 Cem Bassoy (2019-02-06 15:06:09)

[SG14] No Feb SG14 monthly call next week Michael Wong (2019-02-05 20:17:38)

[SG14] Linear Algebra SIG Call - February 6, 2019 Bob Steagall (2019-02-05 18:21:27)

[SG14] compiler flag sanity check for error handling research Ben Craig (2019-02-04 01:46:57)

Last message date: 2019-02-26 19:41:38