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[SG14] Next meeting is on April 17 2-4 ET Michael Wong (2019-03-29 17:20:05)

[SG14] Fwd: C++ linear algebra phone meeting minutes: Wed 06 Mar 2019 Bob Steagall (2019-03-11 13:16:24)

[SG14] Reference: An Attempt to define Formal Semantics for Floating Point Notation Jayesh Badwaik (2019-03-07 19:00:19)

[SG14] No call next week for Monthly SG14 call Michael Wong (2019-03-06 14:30:26)

[SG14] SG14 Linear Algebra SIG Call - March 2019 Bob Steagall (2019-03-04 12:08:40)

[SG14] Observations on Efforts to Implement P1385 Jayesh Badwaik (2019-03-04 08:35:52)

Re: [SG14] Initial attempt at Latency Preserving Library "Core" Guidelines Klaim - Joël Lamotte (2019-03-01 10:00:45)

Last message date: 2019-03-29 17:20:05