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Subject: Ideas on debug constexpr functions or other functions that have been 100% removed from the EXE
From: Scott Wardle (swardle_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-02-13 19:25:59

Hi Everyone,

I was looking through C++ papers and since 2010 (and maybe before) not one iso C++ paper has been submitted on debugging. So maybe now is a good time to think about how we should debug C++ in a new way.

To that end I had an idea the other day on debugging and wrote a blog on it and finally posted it. I don’t see how this would effect the standard but it is quality of implementation idea.

If we want to constexpr all of the things it would nice if we could printf debug at least. But my idea is maybe we can get the whole debugger to work.

Check it out on my blog. http://www.swardle.com/sweb/blog5.html

Tell me if you have any feedback (spelling grammar or good counter ideas that shows why the idea is not posable etc...)


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