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Subject: [SG14] Nature of the Index Offset
From: Jayesh Badwaik (badwaik.jayesh_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-02-11 18:21:23

Dear SG14,

There has been a discussion of allowing for arbitrary index offsets in order to
support both 1,0 and other offsets as necessary. I have a few questions about

1. Is this a property of the build of the library or the type or can it
change from one object to another of the same type. This is important because,
if we can push it earlier in the compile cycle, the offset parameter can be
made constexpr and the translations can be potentially optimized away.

2. In case of a matrix (where there can be two offsets, one for row indices and
another for column), should the two offsets be mandated to be the same? Or
should there be an option to keep them separate?

Thank you.

Jayesh Badwaik

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