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Possible defect: unneeded const in lambda capture Roman Odaisky (2019-08-29 14:28:54)

C++ 20. An explicit specialization of a template friend function with a default template argument. Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-28 17:24:52)

Qualified name of an enumerator. Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-28 16:19:54)

Values of objects sdkrystian (2019-08-26 02:22:25)

Placement new into static storage violates strict pointer safety? Andrew Schepler (2019-08-23 22:49:02)

Header unit importation syntax Maris Razvan (2019-08-23 21:12:52)

using declaration. template default argument. One more bug of gcc? Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-23 15:35:21)

Using declaration with a parameter pack of bases constructors. Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-23 11:01:47)

C++ 20. The using declaration with a specialization of a template conversion operator. Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-21 17:06:31)

C++ 20: Member templates. Is there a typo in the following example? Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-21 15:41:25)

Clarification needed: block scope thread_locals can be referenced for the first time without control passing through declaration Princeton Ferro (2019-08-19 16:22:03)

Some questions about comparison objects in [associative.reqmts] FrankHB (2019-08-18 17:20:00)

Expression equivalence for template loading Krystian Stasiowski (2019-08-16 23:03:33)

Contradiction in the description of the pack expansion Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-16 14:05:29)

C++ Error Handling and Out of Execution Resource Daniel Markus (2019-08-12 16:51:19)

Fwd: Requires expressions: local parameters Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-09 12:12:59)

Requires expressions: local parameters Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-08 09:09:02)

Are Exceptions deeply flawed? Dmitry (2019-08-05 08:45:13)

Temp.deduct.type applicability Will Hawkins (2019-08-05 03:27:30)

CTADs and equivalent parameter list tobi_at (2019-08-04 09:39:18)

Safe Integer Types (P0228R0) David Svoboda (2019-08-02 18:11:02)

Ambiguity in the definitions of the explicit instantiation declaration and the explicit instantiation definition Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-02 15:31:51)

Ambiguity in the description of the elaborated-type-specifier. Vladimir Grigoriev (2019-08-01 13:38:56)

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