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Subject: Temp.deduct.type applicability
From: Will Hawkins (hawkinsw_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-08-04 22:27:30

Hello experts!

I'm sorry for such a basic question, but I'm trying to see the forest again
after studying the trees of section temp.fct.spec.

In particular, paragraph 4 of temp.deduct.call talks about type deduction
generally. Until that point, the rules cover the "preparation" P and A for
actual deduction. The introduction to temp.deduct also refers to deduction
with being explicit about how it is accomplished. Contrast this with the
explicit reference to the rules for deduction in temp.deduct.funcaddr, e.g..

It seems logical that those sections assume that the reader can connect the
dots and I believe that is the proper reading. In other words, anywhere in
temp.fct.spec that talks about type deduction (after the conditioning of P
and A described therein), the deduction is assumed to follow the rules of

I was hoping to have confirmation of that, or correction in the (likely)
case that I am wrong!

Thank you for your help!


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