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SG16 meeting summary for May 25th, 2022 Tom Honermann (2022-05-28 14:48:22)

Draft comment fixing Annex E to match our current understanding Steve Downey (2022-05-25 22:04:50)

Updated draft of P2572R0: std::format() fill character allowances Tom Honermann (2022-05-25 04:23:17)

Agenda for the 2022-05-25 SG16 telecon Tom Honermann (2022-05-20 16:34:23)

SG16 meeting summary for May 11th, 2022 Tom Honermann (2022-05-13 14:18:02)

Agenda for the 2022-05-11 SG16 telecon Tom Honermann (2022-05-09 21:30:47)

SG16 meeting summary for April 27th, 2022 Tom Honermann (2022-05-05 01:48:09)

Re: Suggested wording change for non-Unicode cases in P2286R7: Formatting Ranges Barry Revzin (2022-05-05 02:08:40)

Re: [isocpp-lib-ext] LEWG(I) Weekly review - P2549R0: Should the output of std::print to a terminal be synchronized with the underlying stream? Corentin (2022-05-02 10:17:02)

Last message date: 2022-05-29 13:32:13