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add "numeric_cast" to <numeric> header

Add vector/string resize functions that don't initialize any new storage

Arbitrary dimensional bittensor extending bitset.

arg_min and arg_max algorithms

Avoid copies when using string_view with APIs expecting null terminated strings

Bringing consistency to implicit conversion by ref-qualified conversion functions

C++ feature: vector lambda with indices

Constexpr std::type_info::hash_code()

Explicit default parameters with the keyword default

FDL proposal: Function Dependent Lookup

Feature test macro for variant<bool, string> taking const char* fix?

Friend namespace

Introducing "capacity preserving operations"

Make side effects in static initialization more consistent

P0466: about the danger of type parameters deduced by &C::m

pointer_cast for unique_ptr

std::any / std::any_cast without typeid

The intercept operators

Type dependent namespace and symbols set control

Last message date: 2020-12-30 22:27:59