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= default { body... } on constructors and operator=

Allow [[deprecated]] on call site to disable deprecated warning

const && and for( : ) loop

Explicit using

Fwd: A 'stream()' member for std::ostream_iterator and cousins

How to Restrict Class Methods to specific other classes without invoking friend

Include boost::dynamic_bitset into the standard library

priority_queue doesn't work with move-only types

Proposal for changing std::compare_three_way_result

Proposal for gotoReturn/goReturn/InlineOnce - Increase code density with out function calling overhead

Proposal for Switch(Constraints=Both/Upper/Lower/Neither/NoDefault/Sequenced)- improved assembly.

Remove non-type template limitations for consteval functions

Remove restriction on deduction guides.

Std-Proposals Digest, Vol 23, Issue 16

std::nabs (negative abs) idea


Last message date: 2021-02-24 22:58:40