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[SG16] A UTF-8 environment specification; an alternative to assuming UTF-8 based on choice of literal encoding

[SG16] Agenda for the 2021-07-14 SG16 telecon

[SG16] Agenda for the 2021-07-28 SG16 telecon

[SG16] Feedback re: P1885R5: Naming Text Encodings

[SG16] LWG 3565 (Handling of encodings in localized formatting of chrono types is underspecified)

[SG16] SG16 approval of P2295R5 and P2362R1

[SG16] SG16 meeting summary for July 14th, 2021

[SG16] std::print usage experience

[SG16] WG14 N2761: Length modifiers for Unicode character and string types

Last message date: 2021-07-30 19:20:24