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Allow maybe_unused for lambda captures?

Auto-generated comparison operators in class

Base class name aliases - status clarification

C++ Object Tokens

Deprecating volatile polymorphic class types

Diamond dependencies and modules

Different approach to p2027r0

Formalize Compatibility with C

Fornux C++ Superset - New Dual License

Fwd: Formalize Compatibility with C

Guaranteed copy elision for named return values

Issues I have with current Pattern Matching

Issues I have with current Pattern Matching (?????? ????????)

Make specifying all necessary concepts mandatory

Mistake in C++ Standard Arithmetic Conversion makes C++ compiler unreliable

Proposal : std::timer

Proposal of constpub (DRAFT 1)

Proposal: Associated Methods (Draft 2)

Proposal: Consistent Reflection Naming

proposal: new const-able feature ( use "const?" , or new "constable" keyword) for method/function

Rotate Bits Left or Right

Separately qualifying names in structured bindings

std::variant still may be valueless_by_exception in too many cases

Thoughts on fixing the terse lambda issues

type_traits and similar types

Variadic Friends

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