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[basic.life]/8.5 interpretation

A contradiction between [class.base.init#9] and [class.copy.ctor#14]

add version of std::stoi, std::stol etc that receive std::string_view

An confusion about the paragraph [temp.expl.spec#18]

commutative functions

Does the wording about the rule of deduction for type placeholder for a variable declaration exist a defect

Making the new expression smart

Maybe a wording defect for virtual function in the standard

new token "not equal" "= / ="

No attributes for concepts in C++20

Some confusion about the transformed function type during partial ordering

The issue about reference collapsing for function parameter pack

The issue about the wording "member of a class"

what is the "glvalue result" in [stmt.return] section

why does std::basic_string comparison operator expect a string with the same allocator class

Last message date: 2020-09-29 20:34:20