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[forward_list] push_front is allowed to invalidate iterators and/or references?

About PCYNLITX project and its innovations ( for C+++ multi-threading )

Adding real_time_factor to Clock requirements for simulation

Aggregate initialization with reuse?

Exposing the layout used by allocate_shared

Making std::bitset constexpr

Moved-from containers and moved-from allocators

Out-of-range floating-point conversion behavior

P0608 seems to have unintended consequences - variant vs overload resolution

Possible defect in [class.mem]/17

Should copying an unordered container keep the bucket structure?

std::optional nullopt comparisons

Surrogate calls with cv-qualifiers

Templatized virtual functions

UDL operators and space?

What's going on with non-transient constexpr allocations?

What's the rational for the precedence of the '.*' and '->*' operators?

Why do we have std::allocator::propagate_on_container_move_assignment defined

Wording about lifetime seems to be defective for parameter objects

Wording about lifetime seems to be defective for temporaries

Last message date: 2019-06-28 18:40:51