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[std-proposals] Allow specialize std::ranges algorithms

[std-proposals] C++ Networking Feature Request: Type-Erased Handler Wrapper

[std-proposals] coalesce function

[std-proposals] Custom call convention per type

[std-proposals] Explicit template parameters

[std-proposals] Flat Dynamic Polymorphism Library

[std-proposals] Impose friendship when needed

[std-proposals] Quick Idea: Enable/Disable Auto Gens

[std-proposals] Standard library should have a simple 'gate' for multithreading

[std-proposals] std::array with enum class for size

[std-proposals] std::bitset slicing

[std-proposals] Ternary typedef's

[std-proposals] unwrapping zip_view with std::views::elements

[std-proposals] Versatility -- Classes change at runtime

[std-proposals] Well-defined behaviour and implicit conversion for function pointers that take void*

Last message date: 2022-07-31 14:54:18