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source_location improvement Mike (2021-04-28 19:30:10)

Stacktrace from exception Андрей Некрашевич (2021-04-26 16:31:43)

Memory safety guarantees Thomas Neumann (2021-04-22 20:02:06)

introduce slicing_iterator for further std::views and algorithm usage kang hewill (2021-04-16 18:43:33)

[o]fstream should offer an atomic creation mode Michael Knaup (2021-04-15 09:32:00)

P2264 Make assert() macro user friendly for C and C++ stefan.cpp_at_[hidden] (2021-04-08 10:14:21)

Non-type template overloading Phil Bouchard (2021-04-07 20:23:31)

Last message date: 2021-04-29 20:24:53