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A 'stream()' member for std::ostream_iterator and cousins Marco Fantozzi (2021-01-31 16:25:19)

Allow [[deprecated]] on call site to disable deprecated warning Dominic Fandrey (2021-01-28 11:05:32)

C++ showing error even if the code is correct. Shivansh Bhardwaj (2021-01-26 16:16:14)

Mixed comparisons for smart pointers Giuseppe D'Angelo (2021-01-22 11:39:51)

Add first and last to the std::string_view 康桓瑋 (2021-01-22 07:03:02)

Delay the judgement for coroutine function after the instantiation of template entity. chuanqi.xcq (2021-01-20 06:48:25)

static_printf and static_assertf: Standardizing Compilation-Time Output Jake Arkinstall (2021-01-19 20:05:24)

New attribute to change the default specifiers and qualifiers Vinícius Costa (2021-01-19 14:35:56)

Parralized instructions in language in CPU Wesley Oliver (2021-01-18 08:12:18)

Additional Native Ptr BitMap Flags bit position to int or ptr, value and visa versa visa for languages and CPU Wesley Oliver (2021-01-18 07:26:10)

Fwd: Proposal for improving the C/C++ language, to get higher performance Wesley Oliver (2021-01-17 12:52:21)

Operator for reference casting Bengt Gustafsson (2021-01-16 21:34:21)

Operator for reference casting Bengt Gustafsson (2021-01-16 16:38:52)

Explicit using Yves Bailly (2021-01-15 15:53:58)

Operator for reference casting Bengt Gustafsson (2021-01-15 15:44:10)

Operator for reference casting Jean-Baptiste Vallon Hoarau (2021-01-15 13:49:05)

default floating point Vishal Oza (2021-01-15 02:22:44)

Idea of Lambda Classes Andrew Tomazos (2021-01-12 04:55:02)

P1885: Naming Text Encodings to Demystify Them: Note on the IANA registry Florian Weimer (2021-01-07 18:53:41)

Last message date: 2021-01-31 22:55:03