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Allow virtual base classes in constexpr Lyberta (2019-05-31 23:24:00)

String contains member function Wim Leflere (2019-05-27 18:30:44)

Heterogeneous erase for associative containers Boyarinov, Konstantin (2019-05-27 15:19:39)

Fwd: Proposal of Handles (draft 2) Andrew Tomazos (2019-05-17 09:25:44)

Add a specialized "Extension" concept to the inheritance syntax Ofri Sadowsky (2019-05-17 09:23:46)

Re: Proposal of Handles (draft 2) Mingxin Wang (2019-05-17 06:13:20)

std::span<T> should be size_type NOT index_type. sotrdg sotrdg (2019-05-12 14:43:24)

My proposal of std::basic_cstring<__char_type, __traits> sotrdg sotrdg (2019-05-12 14:14:54)

A Generic Library for Compile-time Routing Mingxin Wang (2019-05-08 12:27:08)

A Generic Library for Lifetime Extension and In-place Construction Mingxin Wang (2019-05-04 12:48:55)

[RFC] String_view support for regex Mark de Wever (2019-05-04 11:55:59)

std::iterator_static_cast & std::iterator_const_cast? sotrdg sotrdg (2019-05-02 14:16:22)

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