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Subject: [std-proposals] Heterogeneous erase for associative containers
From: Boyarinov, Konstantin (konstantin.boyarinov_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-05-27 10:19:39

Dear Sir or Madam,

We have a question regarding the heterogeneous methods in STL associative containers:
C++14 and C++17 introduced heterogeneous lookup functions (for std::map, std::unordered_map and others). These are overloads for find, count and other lookup algorithms, that accepts objects of any type compatible with key_type and only participates in overload resolution if Compare::is_transparent is valid and denotes a type.

But there are no overloads for heterogeneous erase and extract.

Does it make sense to propose adding the following methods to the std::map, std::multimap, std::set, std::multiset, std::unordered_map, std::unordered_multimap, std::unordered_set and std::unordered_multiset?

template <typename K>
size_type erase(const K& x);

template <typename K>
node_type extract(const K& x);

Best regards,
Konstantin Boyarinov

Joint Stock Company Intel A/O
Registered legal address: Krylatsky Hills Business Park,
17 Krylatskaya Str., Bldg 4, Moscow 121614,
Russian Federation

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