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Subject: [std-proposals] std::iterator_static_cast & std::iterator_const_cast?
From: sotrdg sotrdg (euloanty_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-05-02 09:16:22

Why does the standard not have std::iterator_const_cast? There is no standard way to convert type like std::deque<std::size_t>::const_iterator to std::deque<std::size_t>::iterator vice versa or std::deque<std::size_t>::const_reverse_iterator to std::deque<std::size_t>:: reverse_iterator

std::iterator_static_cast can also solve the definition problem of contiguous_iterator, if an iterator T can std::iterator_static_cast to typename std::iterator_traits<T>::pointer and void*, then it is a contiguous_iterator.

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