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SG16 meeting summary for April 12th, 2023 Tom Honermann (2023-04-26 01:51:46)

2023 Annual C++ Developer Survey; an apology Tom Honermann (2023-04-24 16:13:46)

Agenda for the 2023-04-26 SG16 telecon​ Tom Honermann (2023-04-21 02:36:48)

utfN_view Zach Laine (2023-04-16 18:54:42)

Agenda for the 2023-04-12 SG16 telecon​ Tom Honermann (2023-04-07 19:01:20)

SG16 meeting summary for March 22nd, 2023 Tom Honermann (2023-04-07 03:52:16)

ICU enhancement request: Support for estimating the monospace display width of a sequence of EGCs in a terminal or console Tom Honermann (2023-04-03 04:22:19)

Re: Term for "UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32" Robin Leroy (2023-04-24 09:51:22)

Re: Term for "UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32" Steven R. Loomis (2023-04-24 13:56:30)

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