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std::atomic_ref<T> enables mixed size and mixed atomicity accesses which are not defined under C++11 memory model Andy Wang (2022-05-25 22:24:25)

Empty type Vladimir Grigoriev (2022-05-20 14:28:00)

Reasoning for strict aliasing enums from underlying type Myria (2022-05-10 21:09:35)

What satisfies std::ranges::view after P2415? Giuseppe D'Angelo (2022-05-05 15:34:01)

Templated entity: non-template friend function Vladimir Grigoriev (2022-05-04 20:46:36)

Indexes in ranged loops for all containers Joey Pendergrast (2022-05-04 19:43:54)

Bugfix submissions for the Standard's text Jarosław Lipowski (2022-05-02 16:09:23)

Shouldn't members need equal alignments to be in the common initial sequence? Brian Bi (2022-05-02 01:29:55)

Does an enum type have the same size, alignment, and value representation as its underlying type? Brian Bi (2022-05-02 00:05:53)

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