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Move from const object Martin K├╝ttler (2022-06-27 19:14:52)

Are deleted copy/move operations trivial or non-trivial? Stephan Bergmann (2022-06-21 11:22:59)

[module.import] Which are these TUs exported by T? jim x (2022-06-20 02:17:39)

Potential defect in the standard when disambiguating function templates when one of them contains a pack Anoop Rana (2022-06-19 10:05:32)

How close is the published C++17 standard to the GitHub repository? Brian Bi (2022-06-16 00:55:14)

Vector like working with existing ranges - no copy? Julien D Arques (2022-06-05 12:11:14)

Last message date: 2022-06-27 21:45:24