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Transactional memory: please clarify JUJU DUDU (2022-04-30 14:42:10)

Optional Semicolons William Linkmeyer (2022-04-28 17:11:36)

Constraint normalization/satisfaction when parameters are unused Mital Ashok (2022-04-26 19:54:37)

Dangling reference in http://eel.is/c++draft/class.access#spec-3 ? Marc Mutz (2022-04-26 14:33:35)

Out-of-class definition of friend function template of class template possible? Yongwei Wu (2022-04-24 09:07:40)

Need your input on waring when we use 'using' clause and [[noreturn]] Vivek Pandey (2022-04-21 12:32:32)

Question regarding how to declare templated functions inside a concept declaration Marios Staikopoulos (2022-04-18 01:08:23)

Re: Std-Discussion Digest, Vol 37, Issue 2 Замфир Йончев (2022-04-03 22:08:06)

named function return value Замфир Йончев (2022-04-02 12:06:07)

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