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The unnecessary confusion of the C++23 proposal P0847R6 Hani Deek (2021-07-30 21:19:05)

Reassignment and broken promises Bjorn Reese (2021-07-28 14:31:19)

What is the meaning of expr-or-braced-init-list in the grammar of the term initializer? Vladimir Grigoriev (2021-07-26 19:42:25)

Vector implementation of behavior when inserting objects whose copy constructor can throw Jason McKesson (2021-07-25 18:45:39)

User defined literal Vladimir Grigoriev (2021-07-07 21:02:07)

Why is std::priority_queue so slow? iSauron (2021-07-07 13:15:50)

Example showing superfluous code Peter Sommerlad (C++) (2021-07-06 08:44:31)

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