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Are subobject transitive.

bitset, the copy assignment operator: a bug in the description (C++ 20)

C++ 20, Unqualified name look: a confusing relative to postfix expressions.

Clarification of C++ standard re omission of call to replaceable global allocation function

Conditional operator with const lvalue and non-const prvalue

container constructors for containers

Decouple constness for inherited interfaces

deduction guide: non-type template parameters.

Difference in default argument re.regex vs. re.regex.assign

Discussion: std::atomic<T>::synchronize(std::memory_order)

Explicit instantiation declarations and requires clauses

Implicit definition of special functions

Is the standard clear enough about throwing exceptions from functions that return prvalues?

Is this a Visual Studio 2019 bug or Clang/GCC bug?

Partial specialization with only one template parameter in the primary template.

static_error proposal?

Templated operators for std::bitset

When is an expression not an expression?

Last message date: 2019-09-28 23:53:30