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[SG16] Agenda for the 2022-01-12 SG16 telecon

[SG16] P1885 (Naming Text Encodings to Demystify Them) - Addressing EP comments, P2491 and P2498

Agenda for the 2022-01-26 SG16 telecon

Comments on P2513R0 char8_t Compatibility and Portability Fixes

Concerning - C/C++ Identifier Security using Unicode Standard Annex 39

libu8ident 0.1 released

P1885R10 - Naming Text Encodings to Demystify Them

SG16 meeting summary for January 12th, 2022

Why stdout is the default in std::print? (P2093)

Last message date: 2022-01-30 20:41:02