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Re: libu8ident 0.1 released

From: Reini Urban <reini.urban_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 07:38:28 +0100
Tom Honermann <tom_at_[hidden]> schrieb am Di., 25. Jan. 2022, 07:03:

> On 1/24/22 11:43 AM, Reini Urban via SG16 wrote:
> I've just released libu8ident, which implements the TR39 checks (and some
> TR31 profiles) for unicode identifiers. UTF-8 only. wchar support would be
> trivial, but I don't think anybody (but MSVC) would need that.
> That's the only such tool which is not in Rust or Java. I've only
> implemented it previously in my perl5 fork in 2016.
> This accompanies my recent WG21 and WG14 papers P2528R0 and n2916
> https://rurban.github.io/libu8ident/doc/P2528R0.html
> https://rurban.github.io/libu8ident/doc/n2916.html
> Thank you, Reini. I will get these scheduled for review in SG16. Please
> note that we are now beyond the deadline for new papers for C23 and C++23,
> so review will be directed towards later standards. Our immediate priority
> is to finalize features that have been accepted for C++23. As a result, it
> may be a few months before these papers get scheduled in SG16. Though an
> argument could be made that your proposal constitutes modification of a
> feature accepted for C++23 (P1949) and therefore in scope for that
> standard, I see your proposal as more of a competing one rather than a
> modification. P1949 effectively brought the standard up to date with more
> recent Unicode versions without changing the design intent; the changes you
> propose are a change in direction and more disruptive.

In my point of view is that C11 made identifiers insecure by making them
non-identifiable, and adopting TR39 will fix that spec bug. So a bugfix,
not a feature.

That is ok, but I we'll need more time than we currently have available to
> understand the impact. I think implementation experience in a C++ compiler
> may be needed to really understand the effect on existing code bases.

In that regard I'd already asked Fedora admins to do a scan of the Linux
packages. Will ask GitHub also, but this would then need a CVE, and this
might draw too much unneeded attention. The trojansource guy did it this

Note that the paper linked as P2528R0 above identifies itself as P2538R0 in
> the document header.
> I'm not able to find a P2528R0 or a P2538R0 in the WG21 paper archive. Has
> the paper been submitted to WG21?

Yes, but Hal had not posted it yet. I froze it though.
The WG14 variant is also accepted and frozen, but not posted yet.

A bit of process information in case you aren't aware: draft revisions of
> papers should be identified as, for example, D2528R<N> and only marked as,
> for example, P2528R<N> once submitted. Once a paper has been distributed
> with a "P" designation, it should not be modified again (this is to ensure
> that everyone viewing a "P" paper sees the same content).

Yes, that has a good description on the webpages.

> I've also came up with 2 TR31 bug reports, sent to unicode via their
> contact form.
> They might fix their tables for version 15 then. See doc/tr31-bugs/md
> The link for that document appears to be
> https://rurban.github.io/libu8ident/doc/tr31-bugs.md.
> Tom.
> --
> Reini Urban

Received on 2022-01-25 06:38:38