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Member function, using, and ADL Yongwei Wu (2021-05-29 14:35:25)

Selecting the best viable function when a designated list initialization is used. Vladimir Grigoriev (2021-05-25 10:06:32)

Are random-access proxy iterators really supported by the standard library? Oleksandr Koval (2021-05-21 22:02:24)

bit field: is enum A : 1 valid syntax? Eric Suen (2021-05-20 21:47:48)

Is the requirement of nullopt_t to not be DefaultConstructible an oversight? David Friberg (2021-05-11 15:34:56)

2 big problems with User Defined literals: Andy Little (2021-05-06 13:09:52)

Last message date: 2021-05-30 02:54:56